The journey to bring Baqua to market began with a sip and a dream.  A trip to England with my dear British friend Tracey.  A taste of the iconic drink of the United Kingdom, Lemon Barley Water.  Hmm…refreshing like lemonade, with just a hint of barley flavor.  “Delicious! Why has this drink not caught on in the US?” was my thought.

Research led to discovering the rich history of grain drinks around the world.  For thousands of years, people have sought to revive and strengthen their bodies with grain drinks.  The Baqua R&D team tested scores of ancient grains, testing which ones worked best in a beverage application. Ancient grains are shining stars of the health food world– nutrient rich, and containing prebiotics that are good for your gut!

The centuries-old tradition of grain drinks continues, with a healthy twist.  Baqua uses not one, but seven ancient grains, blending them with organic juices.  After years of research and development (and production challenges), Baqua is finally launching!

The Baqua team is proud to introduce to America this world wide and time-tested tradition: good-for-you grain drinks…that taste great!