Introducing:--Baqua Light and Baqua Hemp Drinks

    We are excited to share that we’ve added a dynamic ancient grain to the newest line of Baqua drinks—HEMP! Hemp is one of the oldest and most sustainable crops grown. Set to debut summer 2021, Baqua’s refreshing Hemp Drinks are sure to delight. Rich in prebiotics from a crafted blend of seven ancient grains, these drinks deliver therapeutic benefits from hemp seed, including heart healthy alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3.) Baqua Hemp Drinks will be your go-to beverages for energy, digestive health and enhanced wellness.

    Made With The World’s Most Powerful Ingredients

    Ancient Grains have sustained humans for thousands of years, and are often cited as one of the main contributors to the development of modern civilization. Hemp, Barley, Amaranth, Quinoa, Chia, Oats, Millet and Buckwheat (our supergrains) and other essential grains weren’t just farmed by ancient civilizations, they were used in food and drinks made to fortify their armies, nourish their families, and sustain an entire population of people that depended on the nutrition of these powerful ingredients.

    Out With The New, In With The Old

    Fast forward to today, and we’re still relying on functional beverages as a source of hydration, nutrition, energy, and overall wellness. The biggest difference is there are hundreds of options to choose from. And while the beverage category continues to grow, we’ve come to find more and newer doesn’t always equal healthier and better. In fact, what makes Baqua so superior is that it’s not the latest and greatest. It’s the oldest and wisest. After all, fueling the human body for 10,000 years is basically the opposite of trendy.

    Wheat-Free Wholegrain Goodness

    We created Baqua to harness the natural health benefits of the world’s most powerful ingredients into a deliciously craveable drink everyone can enjoy—whether it becomes your morning beverage of choice, your pre-workout pick-me-up, or a source of daily nutrition. We personally tested hundreds of ingredient combinations to find the perfect balance of ancient grains to maximize nutrients, and then blended in natural fruit juices to make it absolutely delicious. (Because no one wants to drink quinoa tea.)

    Drink Up The Power Of Ancient Grains

    • Ancient Grains fuel your body with gut friendly prebiotics that strengthen your digestive system. (Researchers continue to discover more ways that your gut microbiome affects your overall health!) 
    • Baqua's powerful ingredients provide natural energy
    • Baqua's sport drinks contain antioxidants and deliver more balanced electrolytes than the market leaders
    • No High Fructose Corn Syrup 
    • No Artificial Flavors or Artificial Colors
    • Every bottle replenishes your body with essential minerals and phytonutrients (plant derived nutrients) 
    • Baqua is just about the healthiest, and dare we say, most delicious hydration around!



  • Harness the goodness of ancient grains

    Baqua is the only functional beverage to combine body boosting Ancient Grains

    with antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins and electrolytes

    for balanced nutrition and hydration.


    Prebiotics • 100% RDA of Vitamin C • No Artificial Sugars, Flavors, or Colors

    Wheat, Soy & Corn FREE • Natural Energy Boost • Excellent Source of Phytonutrients



    Combining the nutritional goodness of Barley, Amaranth, Quinoa, Chia, Oats, Millet and Buckwheat, our ancient grain infused artisan drink delivers the powerful wellness benefits of prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and natural fruit juices, all in one bottle. Baqua delivers FOUR incredibly powerful health components:



    Supports a healthy gut and improved digestion



    Decreases unwanted inflammation and free radicals



    Improves overall health

    and body function



    Carry electrical energy that stimulate muscles and nerves


    A fresh twist on an ancient recipe.

    When it comes to “health” drinks these days, it’s hard to know what to grab off the shelf. What makes Baqua unique is that we’ve harnessed the unmatched nutritional power of ancient grains—civilization’s original food source—adding delicious combinations of natural fruit juice to create a new, yet timeless, blend of nutrition and hydration, in perfect harmony.


    Drink what makes you feel good.

    Baqua comes in five delicious flavors that deliver powerful goodness to nourish your body!

    Apple Ginger

    Barley Boost

    Sip back in time and enjoy this timeless refresher. A classic combination of sweet apple juice and zesty ginger was crafted to leave your tummy happy and your taste buds smiling.

    Lemon Mint*


    Thou shalt hydrate.

    And we make it pretty simple with this refreshingly light blend of tangy lemon and herbaceous mint—the perfect pick-me-up, morning, noon and night.

    Red Currant

    Gluten Free

    Bring out the best in you

    with our gluten free red currant blend. Brewed with the wisdom of over 10,000 years and a pop of tart, it’s a smart choice for deliciously balanced hydration.

    Cherry Lime*


    If the Trojans had a sports drink, this would be it. Harness your inner strength with this delightful blend of ancient grain nutrition and tart flavor designed to kick your health into high gear.

    Blueberry Pineapple

    Gluten Free

    Sometimes, the good things we do for ourselves come with instant gratification. So dive into this delicious blend of sweet blueberries, tangy pineapple, and truly wholesome nutrition.

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    Drink with good intentions.

    Our product is only as good as the ingredients we use. That’s why we have chosen to partner with organizations that support veteran and farming communities. These charities offer a range of valuable services, including those that help combat the growing farmer shortage by educating, training and equipping veterans with the skills they need to succeed in the farming business. By supporting charities such as these, we’re able to give back to two of our most valuable resources: the farmers and veterans who have given so much to us.


    Did you know?

    • 11% to 20% of America’s veterans experience PTSD

    • Half of America’s farmers are at retirement age

    • Nationally, 100,000 new farmers are needed per year for the next 10 years to fill this employment gap


    By drinking Baqua, you help create jobs for those in need.

    GROUND OPERATIONS: Battlefields to Farmfields Official Trailer


    Check out the splash Baqua is making.

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